Stall Holders

Please note that not all stallholders attend every market and that their produce is seasonal and whilst listed, may not be available when you attend our market.

Argiro Estate & Biscuits by Tonia– Greg & Tonia
biscuits, slices, cupcakes, grape, avocado, lemon, nectarine, orange, peach, plum, pumpkin – butternut, watermelon

AS & Co Gracefully Green
Eco-friendly and reusable products which help reduce daily waste

Aussie Fruit Select – Larry
avocado, dried fruit – sultanas, sun-muscats, currants, mandarin – imperial & afourer, orange – navel, table grapes -Menindee, Thomson, sultana, crimson, globe, autumn royal; snowpeas

Beeautiful Garden – Pauline & Andrew
Promoting understanding of having beneficial insects (particularly bees) in our environment. Bee, butterfly and beneficial insect attracting plants, water-wise plants, seeds, bulbs, tubers, succulents, Bee Hotels!

Benetook Farm – srs inc.
Farm fresh eggs!
Benetook Farm is a thriving and developing farm designed to encourage opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy, learn, socialise and while incidental learning occurs during activities including layer hen production; marketing and sales; horticultural and viticultural, woodwork and art; song and dance; cooking and entertaining.

Ben’s Bona Fide Food
Organic vegetables, grown from seed locally. Lettuces, carrots, beetroots, spring onions, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet potatoes, radishes, broccoli, turnips, peas, leeks, silverbeet, bok choy, kale, celery and cabbages! Squash, garlic chive, zucchini, basil, cumbers and beans!

Berri North Meat Store
See Shane and Dee for your homemade small goods including Mettwurst, Polish Sausage, Pepperoni, Fritz, Twiggy Sticks, Bacon, Smoked Chicken Wings, Beef Jerky, Black and White Pudding and Kabana!

Bob Hudson
Locally propagated potted plants conditioned to our Sunraysia climate! Bob has some unusual and unique plants.

Common Ground Coffee Van – Glen
coffee, tea, latte, you name it and Glen and his girls can make it!

Coffee Que – Geoff & Pamela 
Award-winning roasted coffee beans

Don Marciano
Locally grown tomatoes, yellow chillies, capsicums and eggplant

Eleni’s Olives – Helen
marinated packaged olives

Elizabeth Sos 
asparagus, beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cakes & biscuits, capsicum, cauliflower, chutney, cucumber, dill, fresh fruit juice, grapefruit, hot chilli, jam, lemon, lime, mandarin, marmalade, nashi pear, nectarine, orange, peach, peas, pepper, pickles, plum, pumpkin, snow pea, spaghetti squash, tangelo, tomato, zucchini

Fido & Feline Fare – Margot & Pauline
cat & dog biscuits, catnip (dried), liver (dried), potted plants for pets and lots of tasty treats for your pooch.

Gio’s Bread – Giovanni
Handmade traditional Sour Dough using mainly spelt and rye. Biscuits, crackers and grissini.

Irymple Wholesale Plant Growers – John Kelly
Hardy fruit trees and other locally grown and acclimatised plants

Monson’s Honey – Bev, Leah, Reece
River Gold, Orange Gold, Mallee Honey pure and fresh, created by hive bees locally. Honeycomb and beeswax products including candles and crayons!
Kids love their honey straws!

Morquong Ridge Fine Foods – Lisa & Tony
apple, avocado, bay leaf, beans, blood orange, broadbean, cherry tomato, chilli, Chinese dates, citron buddhas hand, corn – ornamental, courgette, cumquats, clementine mandarin, fig, fresh flowers & herbs, garlic, gem squash, grapefruit, guava, heirloom pumpkin,  jam melon, Jerusalem artichoke, kale, lemon, lime, pea, peach, pecan, persimmon, pomegranate, preserves, quince, rainbow chard,  rhubarb, rosella, shallot, snow pea, sugar plum, sweet potato, tomatillo, tree onion, walnut, yacon, zucchini flower

No Bull Jerky – Chris & Nikki
Prepackaged Beef Jerky, Original – Chilli – Black Pepper
No Bull attend our Combined markets, check the dates

Page’s Produce – Les and Kathy
A variety of fresh locally grown Asian greens, kale, silverbeet, spinach, beetroot, carrots, red and white onions, spring onions, rhubarb, radish, cherry tomatoes, Kent pumpkin, zucchini. Bottled orange juice straight from their farm, potatoes when available from the Riverland.

Pedla Co. – Kieran
Cold-brewed coffee and fruit teas, prepared using local fruits and slow processes to extract all the flavours. Stored under Nitrogen and poured like a Guinness! Delicious!

Petrac’s Bakehouse – Mark
A variety of bread, rolls & pastries specially made for our farmers market

Rita Mosello
asparagus, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, dried fruit – sultanas, currants, garlic, onion, peas, persimmon, pumpkin, rockmelon, snowpea, squash, sundried tomatoes, sweet potato, tomato, watermelon, zucchini

Robinvale Estate – Glenda, Ralph, Kim
balsamic vinegar, dressings, dukkah, Liv & Luv roasted granola, olive oil, olives, gift packs, fresh seasonal berries

Sunbak Orchards – Jo-Anne
asparagus, avocado, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, geranium plants, lemon, mandarin imperial (early), juicy giant & murcott, nectarine, orange navel Valencia, persimmon, plums, pumpkin, strawberry plants, tangelo, zucchini

Tabletop Grapes – Elina
apricots, artichoke, avocado, bread – fired oven Italian, dried fruit & veg – 100% chemical free grape varieties, chilli, capsicum, tomato, persimmon, rockmelon, orange, prunes, fig, olive, caper, oregano; eggfruit, figs, garlic, grapes (all varieties), guava, hot chilli, Italian preserves – chillies, green tomato, asparagus, mushroom, capsicum, olives, eggfruit, giardiniera, fruit with vincotto; lemonades, lime, locat, onion, pecan, plum, pomegranate, quince, vincotto, yellow chillies

The Red Zucchini – Anita 
biscuits, chutney, jam, marmalade, relish, sauces, syrups

The Wright Flowers – Joe
lisianthus, stock, ranunculus, sunflower, zinias 

Varacalli Vineyards – Joe & Fred
avocado, beans, broccoli, cabbage, capsicum, cauliflower, chilli, cucumber, eggfruit, fennel, kale, leek, lemon, lettuce, lime, mandarin, onion, orange, pumpkin, rockmelon, silverbeet, tomato, zucchini

If you wish to apply to become a stallholder with the Sunraysia Farmers’ Market please email the Market Co-ordinator and provide details of how you would like to contribute to our market, what fresh locally grown produce or homemade product made from locally grown produce you have to offer and the Market Co-ordinator will send through the appropriate application forms to you.