Winter Breakfast Menu

Our winter breakfast menu as arrived!

Showcasing the best of our stallholder’s produce, it’s a taste experience, not to be missed.


French Toast drizzled with fig syrup (Just Figs) and served with a dollop of fresh cream

Pancakes with tart lemon curd (The Red Zuccini) , fresh cream and dusted with freshly sprinkled icing sugar

Zucchini fritters, smashed avocado (Hoyle’s) served with two free range poached eggs (SRS Benetook Farms) on ciabatta bread

Vegetarian Budha bowl, brimming with veg, free range egg, topped with smashed avocado and ciabatta bread

Gourmet sausage (award winning from Muller’s Meats) in bread, or plain if you are so inclined.

Our all time favourites are still on the menu – our Big Farmers Breakfast and our Egg and Bacon roll (or add veg to really make it something special!)

All are served with home made sauce and relish!

With orange season now upon us a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice is just the thing to have with breakfast!

Then there is always homemade cake for dessert!!

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